It is important for him to prevent the occurrence of various pathologies and complications. This specialistconducts preventive examinations, monitors the development of the fetus using various examination methods.

Summarizing the above, it can be noted that an obstetrician is an obstetrician-gynecologist who works mainly in the field of pregnancy, childbirth and pathology of the postpartum period. If desired, the same specialist, without additional training, can work in the field of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the female genital organs (gynecology), eliminate the causes of infertility (reproductive medicine), carry out abortions, etc. Read more

The obstetrician is one of the specialists who bears the greatest responsibility compared to doctors of other specialties, since he monitors the health of a woman and her unborn child during the most difficult period of her life, both from a physiological and mental point of view. Moreover, this period can be significantly aggravated due to complications from the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. Read more

Establishing the gestational age is necessary in order to build tactics for its further management. This means scheduling return visits to the obstetrician, passing the minimum set of examinations and passing the necessary tests. Read more

Determination of the gestational age is carried out in two ways. The first method is purely arithmetic and requires knowing only the date of the last menstruation. Also, using this method, you can roughly determine the date of birth. Read more

The second method is instrumental and involves determining the duration of pregnancy by the size of the fetus and the degree of its development.

Both the first and the second method do not differ in absolute accuracy and can give an error of one week on average.
  • However, pregnancy management does not require greater precision.
  • It is no secret that hormonal changes occur in the body of a pregnant woman, affecting, among other things, metabolism.
  • In this case, the obstetrician must adjust the diet of the pregnant woman so that she receives all the necessary vitamins and nutrients, but does not gain excess weight.
  • This is important buy ivermectin stromectol, since overweight is fraught with numerous complications, among which heart failure, weak labor (unproductive contractions), diseases of the osteoarticular apparatus, etc. are especially distinguished.
  • It is also worth noting that often the nutritional whims of buy ivermectin women are more than wonderful.
Regarding this feature, there is a rule that says that a pregnant woman should eat exactly the same foods and in the same amount as her entire previous life. It is encouraged if the food was grown predominantly in the same geographic area.
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In particular, in a resident of ivermectin, vitamin C is much easier absorbed when eating parsley, apples and sauerkraut than through citrus fruits, pineapples, etc. You should not be led by desires, since they are dictated by a changed hormonal background.

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Although the body is an extremely cleverly arranged mechanism, in some cases during pregnancy it must be limited, otherwise the risk of both pregnancy pathology and metabolic and allergic diseases in the unborn child increases.


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